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Modules for object detection and scene recognition


What unusual thing, what anomaly, is happening right now in a critical area? How can I extract the relevant information in a timely manner from the huge streams of video data that surveillance cameras constantly generate?

Detecting issues right where they happen

The right answer to such questions can play a crucial role in numerous scenarios. The ability to detect objects and recognize scenes without human intervention and without relying on external computing resources are important features of intelligent surveillance cameras (ISC).

ISCs capture images or videos of the environment, which are then processed and analyzed to extract meaningful information such as suspicious objects, unauthorized persons, and escalating situations.

Intelligent analysis in real-time

They apply computer vision algorithms for detecting and recognizing objects and specific visual patterns within the scene. This includes tracking moving objects, monitoring crowd behavior, counting people or vehicles, analyzing traffic patterns, or detecting changes in a scene over time. Real-time analysis of the scene is often required to allow for immediate responses or prompt decision-making.

To comply with data protection requirements and enhance privacy and security, sensitive data is processed locally without leaving the camera and only forwarded when an alert needs to be triggered.



To process camera output and recognize unusual scenes or objects, the computing module should meet certain requirements:

  • Sufficient processing power to run real-time analytics and handling complex recognition algorithms for tasks such as computer vision or machine learning using powerful CPUs and dedicated AI accelerators like Neural Processing Units (NPUs)
  • Cost-effective way to connect multiple high-resolution cameras (MIPI-CSI)
  • Sufficient memory to meet processing requirements and provide enough space to store models, data sets, and intermediate results
  • Allow for connectivity, scalability, and customization to meet the specific needs of the application such as the ability to support wireline and wireless interfaces, integrate additional sensors and peripherals
  • Energy efficiency, which is crucial for devices running 24/7 in environments
  • Reliable, durable, and capable of operating in wide temperature ranges, vibration-prone environments, or other demanding conditions typically found in industrial or outdoor environments
  • Proper handling of sensitive data, which requires features such as secure boot and support for secure communication protocols to safeguard data integrity and protect against unauthorized access

Low power System-on-Modules for high-performance tasks

Theobroma Systems’ modules are based on the Qseven form factors and have all the necessary components included on a single board, such as CPU, GPU, NPU, memory, storage, and I/O interfaces. They rely on ARM-based System-on-Chips (SoC) from Rockchip that feature low power consumption even for high-performance tasks such as the evaluation of large sensor data.

An EAL6+-certified secure element ensures the necessary security level and asset protection.

Reduced development costs and shortened time to market

The functional scope of a module can be configured for a specific use case to make full use of cost advantages. This includes both the software with the Board Support Package (BSP) and hardware components such as memory and I/O interfaces.

A comprehensive evaluation kit allows software development to begin before the device hardware design is complete, enabling a short time to market. All modules run on Linux, supported by Debian, Yocto and Buildroot.

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why Theobroma Systems

Right in the very heart of Europe, in the Austrian capital of Vienna, we are committed to high-quality products and sustainable manufacturing.

With inherent security in mind, Theobroma Systems is certified according to the Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (ISO/IEC 15408).

From concept and design to hardware and software development, parts purchasing and manufacturing: The expertise and speed of our technical support makes us your one-stop-shop for industrial-grade intelligent modules.

To get you up and running as quickly as possible, we have lead times that can be as short as two weeks.

Our production capabilities range from small batches to high volume production runs, i.e., from 10 to over 100,000 modules.

We guarantee module availability for up to ten years by ensuring that discontinued parts are replaced with those of an identical form, fit and function.

Theobroma’s contribution is not only to build smart modules, but also to design, develop and manufacture the brain of intelligent surveillance cameras that is also reliable, robust, and secure.


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© 2023 Theobroma Systems Design und Consulting GmbH 
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