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High-quality software, hardware, and support services intelligently integrated into reliable, robust, and secure modules


Our SOMs (System-on-Modules) integrate all major components such as CPU, GPU, memory, multiple I/O in a ready-to-use form. They are based on Qseven and µQseven form factors and are equipped with the latest ARM-based System-on-Chips (SoC) from Rockchip.

An EAL6+ certified component (Secure Element) ensures the necessary security and asset protection.

The modules feature low power consumption even during high-performance tasks, and their small size also makes them ideal for mobile applications.

Each module targets specific smart device applications and is available for both commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

To optimize the feature set for the customer-specific application scenario and thereby also achieve cost advantages, the software including the board support package as well as hardware components such as eMMC, DRAM, USB and MCU can be customized.

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RINGNECK is designed for cost-effective and power-efficient solutions offering a balanced performance.
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PUMA is a powerful and versatile module for applications that collect, process and output high resolution video streams.
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TIGER delivers cutting-edge performance, connects multiple high-resolution cameras, and provides deep learning capabilities.
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Single-Board Computer

Our Single-Board Computers (SBCs) have all the necessary components for a complete computing system integrated onto a single circuit board, including the CPU, RAM, storage, and various I/O interfaces.

They use ARM-based SoCs (System-on-Chip) from Rockchip, which feature low power consumption even for high-performance tasks.

Optimally adapted and ready for your series product  

All SBCs come with hardware-specific Board Support Packages (BSP) and system design services that significantly shorten the product development cycle. We design and develop the modules on a project-specific basis, adapting them optimally to customer requirements.

Thanks to their cost-optimized design, our SBCs are the perfect choice for mass production, which is an integral part of our offering.

We provide long-term care for the modules in use, ensuring that discontinued parts are replaced by ones with an identical form, fit and function.

Our SBCs run on Linux, supported by Debian, Yocto and Buildroot.

Depending on the product, our services also include assembly of the complete device. 

JAGUAR, the SBC for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Our JAGUAR is a typical example of a high-end SBC for the field of autonomous mobile robots. Equipped with appropriate application software, it allows the robot to move freely in a dynamic environment while executing tasks.

JAGUAR is available for both commercial and industrial temperature ranges.

Evaluation Kit Haikou

evaluation kit

The Evaluation Kit HAIKOU is a comprehensive evaluation and application development platform for SOMs based on the Qseven / µQseven form factor. It enables you to start prototyping and developing your software even before the hardware design of your product/ device is completed.

  • Haikou Mini-ITX base board providing access to SOM interfaces
  • 5” 720p MIPI-DSI display with capacitive touch
  • 5MP MIPI-CSI camera 
  • 12V 36W power supply with EU, UK and US wall plugs
  • USB to RS-232 DB9 serial adapter cable
  • microSD card with ready-to-use Debian preinstalled
  • HDMI to CSI adapter


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Software support

To ensure the functionality, quality, safety and robustness of our modules, we place particular emphasis on comprehensive and seamless integration of software and hardware.

We consider the following aspects to be of key importance:

  • Kernel Compilations: Retargeting both the Linux kernel and the real-time Linux kernel to new processors and boards
  • Secure Bootloader Configurations: Providing the right bootloader, which is a critical part of board diagnostics and the root of trust for secure boot flows
  • Driver Implementations: Developing driver support for custom hardware components on SOMs, SBCs, and base boards
  • Embedded Software Development: Considering constraints regarding resources, timing, performance and having deep knowledge of software stacks used in embedded systems
  • Microcontroller Integration: Offloading real-time tasks from the main application processor, deploying customer-specific peripherals such as buses, and orchestrating the communication between microcontrollers and the main application processor via common communication protocols such as USB, I2C, and SPI
  • Security Engineering: Having rich experience in Common Criteria (ISO/IEC-15408) for secure networking, device identities, secure boot and common smartcard standards, including both contact and contactless according to ISO7816 and ISO14443. Having a deep understanding of Linux security architectures such as SELinux and cgroups

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© 2023 Theobroma Systems Design und Consulting GmbH 
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