Announcing the A64-µQ7: Quad-Core 64-bit Performance for Embedded Applications

The A64-µQ7 brings the performance and efficiency of today's tablet-processors to industrial embedded applications. It is based on the well-known Allwinner A64 processors that features four efficient 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 cores.
The Cortex-A53 improves over its 32-bit siblings with with an extended instruction set that includes AES acceleration. It can also operate in 32-bit mode that is fully compatible with existing binaries.

A80-Q7 Octa-Core Module Available Now

The A80-Q7 compute module opens a new chapter in industrial embedded performance. Featuring four ARM Cortex-A15 and four ARM Cortex-A7 cores it supports the most demanding applications. Contact us now to get your evaluation kit.

HeliX2-COMExpress With Embedded 10GE

The newly added HeliX2-COMExpress pushes the boundaries of throughput with its native 10GE capability, while remaining "highly embeddable" at just 95mm by 95mm.

Platypus Intelligent PLC Modem

Featuring advanced IPv6 connectivity and robust OFDM transmission, Platypus connects your devices using existing power cabling with minimal effort.

DMX and Serial Bridge Ap­­pl­ication Notes Released

These step-by-step Application Notes for Platypus show how to use it as a DMX lighting controller and as a Serial Bridge.

"And the Oscar goes to..."

DirectInsight (who acts as our value-added distributor for the UK, Ireland, France and Canada) has released a brilliant "unboxing"-video featuring our A31-µQ7 eval-kit.

If you would like your own kit (it is as complete as we could make it, to get started right out-of-the-box), you can order it directly from their web shop .