Hexa-core Cortex-A72/A53 (big.LITTLE) system-on-module.


The RK3399-Q7 SoM is one of our high-end standard modules, powering and supporting applications in the industrial space featuring low power, high-performance processor.

The supported features of RK3399-Q7 list:

  • Two high-performance ARM Cortex-A72 cores (up to 2GHz) & four power-optimized Cortex-A53
  • A rich peripheral mix and flexible interfaces
  • Advanced hardware-security providing government-grade security combined into a power-optimized module
  • Best-in-class connectivity
  • Glueless video and camera interface
  • Hardware-accelerated video encode and decode
  • Support for GPGPU computing with OpenCL


Standard pin-out and small form-factor

Measuring a space-saving 70mm x 70mm and adhering to the industry-standard Qseven pin-out, the RK3399-Q7 is a low-risk choice for developing future-proof devices. It features high-performance embedded peripherals, advanced hardware-security and fast processing to create connected industrial devices with rich user interfaces.


Designed and supported in Vienna, Austria

Every module we design, is backed by our expertise in system-level design, embedded software engineering and performance engineering. Our engineers support industrial end-users and maintain development tools for semiconductor vendors. Our experienced teams can augment your in-house design resources to bring your design to market faster.


Android supported

Based on first-hand experience with using Android in challenging industrial applications, we can offer support for Android on request and provide a customized board-support packages. We understand your requirements, whether you need a kiosk application or a secure container for untrusted code.


State-of-the-art security for your assets

Our modules are designed to specifically address security and asset protection using an EAL4+ certified security module. A GlobalPlatform 2.2.1 compliant JavaCard environment provides a trusted foundation for security applications including digital asset protection, secure key-storage and remote device authentication.

4K Display Output

Deliver a crystal-clear experience:
The RK3399-Q7 supports 4K video output on DisplayPort and HDMI, up to 4096×2160@60fps.

Hardware 4K Video Decoding

H264 and H265 videos are decoded with hardware assistance, up to resolutions of 4096×2160 pixels. The video unit of the RK3399-Q7 performs smooth playback of Ultra-HD content while keeping the CPU free for other tasks.


  • Form factor
  • Q7
  • Processor
  • Rockchip RK3399 Hexa-Core
    2x ARM Cortex-A72
    4x ARM Cortex-A53
    2x 80kB + 4x 64kB L1 cache and 1MB + 512kB L2 cache
    ARMv8 Cryptography Extensions
    2x ARM Cortex-M0 coprocessors

  • GPU
  • ARM Mali T864MP4 GPU RGA2 2D Graphics Engine

  • VPU
  • Video decoder: H.265, H.264, VP9 up to 4K @ 60fps
    Video encoder: H.264 up to FullHD @ 30fps

  • Memory
  • DDR3, up to 4GB on-module

  • NOR Flash
  • Up to 16MB SPI NOR flash on-module
  • eMMC
  • Up to 128GB eMMC on-module
  • Ethernet
  • 10/100/1000 Mbps (with an on-module triple-speed GbE PHY)

  • USB
  • 1x USB 3.0 dual-role 2x USB 3.0 host 1x USB 2.0 host

  • Display
  • HDMI 2.0, up to 4K @ 60fps
    MIPI DSI, up to 2560×1600 @ 60fps
    eDP, up to 4 lanes with 2.7 Gb/s each

  • Camera
  • 2x MIPI-CSI, 2x 4 lanes with up to 1.5Gb/s each
  • CAN
  • On-module communication offload controller for CAN
  • Additional Interfaces
  • UART, 8x GPIO, I2S, I2C, SMBus, SPI, FAN
  • Security Module
  • Global Platform 2.2.1 compliant JavaCard environment
    On-module state-of-the-art, EAL5 +certified smartcard controller

  • Operating Systems
  • Linux

  • Power Management
  • Dynamic frequency and voltage scaling for thermal and power management
  • Power Supply
  • Operates directly from a single 5V supply
  • Consumption
  • on demand
  • Operating environment
  • Commercial 0ºC to 60ºC
    Extended temperature ranges are available on request.

  • Dimensions
  • 70mm x 70mm


The RK3399-Q7 User Manual is also available as HTML.