RF Modules

Gnat Development Kit

The Gnat development kit includes everything you need to get started integrating the RF module into your product.

The board exposes Gnat's most used digital interfaces to standard connectors.

  • RS232: DB-9 Connector (TTL level available on pin header)
  • USB: Micro-USB jack "DUT"

All other interfaces are routed to 2.54mm headers.

The development kit includes an on-board JTAG debugger for a frictionless development experience. The embedded GDB server shows up as a standard USB-serial bridge. (Micro-USB jack "PROBE"). The whole board can be operated USB-powered or can be supplied from a 5mm DC barrel plug.

Gnat USB Dongle

As a lightweight alternative, the Gnat USB Dongle is available. It exports only the USB interface, is self-powered and comes in a tiny form-factor.

Universal Development Kit for Bee & Gnat

The A31-uQ7 development kit includes a landing position suitable for both the Bee and the Gnat RF module. For development with the Bee, two baseboards are supplied with the Bee already populated.

With the supplied Linux kernel already configured for full IPv6 support and RF connectivity, developing with the Universal Development Kit is as easy as configuring a Linux network card.