Seal USB/CAN standalone adapter available now

Pluggable CAN connectivity for every Linux computer.

VIENNA, Austria, February 27, 2018

Pluggable CAN Connectivity

The Seal USB/CAN adapter runs the same firmware that powers the CAN functionality on Theobroma Systems compute modules in the Q7 format. The USB-stick form-factor enables adding CAN connectivity to any computer running Linux, or adding extra CAN interfaces to a Theobroma Systems Q7 module.

Theobroma Systems is in the progress of bringing the driver into Linux mainline (it is available as a kernel module now). The Seal v2.3 firmware (available for download on the product page) adds improved robustness and overload condition handling, achieving 0.0% CAN frame loss at any bit rate up to 1 Mbit.


The Linux driver supports an unlimited number of Seal devices on a single host. Each Seal device is identified through a globally-unique 96-bit serial number that is exposed through the Linux-standard ID_SERIAL_SHORT property.

Further technical details, documentation and firmware are available at the Seal product page.

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