Fully-integrated design and manufacturing capabilities of board-level solutions, with full quality control, traceability and long-term supply.


Theobroma Systems’ Manufacturing Services are an exclusive and inherent part of our “All-Inclusive” Hardware and Software package solutions.




With the focus to provide fully controlled processes for high-quality results, our team supervises and manages the entire development cycle of your products.

Your vision is executed with the excellence of skills and knowledge from design to manufacturing and beyond. The feedback cycles of manufacturing & end-of-line testing, support the ongoing optimization of our designs, and improve responsiveness to customer requirements.

Our customers get the exclusive value of having Theobroma Systems’ specialized engineers look after their product from concept to packaging, providing thus minimized risk, optimized costs, protected investment, and life-cycle product support.

Our Manufacturing facility is located at our Headquarters in Vienna and the available capabilities are fully and exclusively used for in-house projects only.