VIENNA, Austria


Theobroma Systems: Developing high-performance technology
for harsh environments with Western Digital’s iNAND

While our technological world has a fast-developing pace in all areas of life, some industries require very specific solutions to support them in certain environmental conditions.

Developing an embedded device to support an application, requires multiple factors to be considered that define the final performance and construct of the device. One of the most challenging factors is the environment where the device will be placed. Whether the temperatures are too high or too low, the board should be able to endure extreme temperature conditions that can only be supported by high-performance technology.

Therefore, the difference in our products is shaped by combining our expertise with the technological power of our trusted partners.

Theobroma Systems is a leading provider of ready-to-use embedded platforms for industrial use-cases and for customized solutions addressing a wide variety of markets.


We are innovation-driven and provide a family of scalable devices. The main products are available in Qseven/micro-Qseven form-factor and based on Rockchip’s RK3399 family of ARMv8 (64bit) processors.

In the variety of the extensive project portfolio, Theobroma Systems’ board-level products provide a solid foundation for demanding customer applications. Specifically, we recently developed a computer vision solution used in toll collection, that needs to perform reliably in harsh environments.

Thus, having profound knowledge of the demands of such various challenging applications, we chose Western Digital iNAND as a trusted solution and partner for reliable operations over the product lifespan. Currently, Western Digital, formerly and famously known as SanDisk, is a technology leader of eMMCs and provides advanced management lifecycle management and diagnostics features only seen on parts manufactured by Western Digital.

Moreover, the company is a captive OEM manufacturer backed by a full understanding of the technology and processes underlying eMMC devices as well as a proven provider of high quality for the newest, highest-density devices available with full industrial and automotive qualifications.

Popular and Successful Products of Theobroma Systems:

  • The RK3399-Q7 is a full-size Qseven module offering a rich peripheral set (incl. two independent MIPI-CSI interfaces for the attachment of multiple camera sensors), a big.LITTLE compute complex featuring Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A53 cores and an ARM Mali T860MP4 GPU capable of GPGPU workloads.
  • The RK3368-uQ7 is a micro-Qseven module offering best-in-class price-performance for high-volume applications requiring high compute performance with eight ARM Cortex-A53 cores.
  • The PX30-uQ7 is a micro-Qseven with on-module WiFi targeting the industrial IoT market.

As an awarded European company, Theobroma Systems aims to maintain a competitive edge by bringing to customers high-end products with high-performance, supported and manufactured by a team of experts in the heart of Europe.

Western Digital solutions are weighed as the perfect touch to the combination of quality and high-performance that we bring to the market.

“The family of iNAND solutions from Western Digital allows us to easily scale our designs across multiple temperature ranges, performance levels, and price points,” states Dr. Philipp Tomsich, CTO at Theobroma Systems. “The decision to make Western Digital our preferred supplier for eMMC reflects our commitment to integrate best-in-class technology into our products.”

Based on Western Digital iNAND, the entire family of Qseven modules—including the class-leading RK3399-Q7 module—are available in extended and industrial temperature ranges to support customer applications operating in harsh environments.

Besides its portfolio of Qseven modules for industrial applications, Theobroma Systems recently launched an SBC (Single Board Computer) and announced a SMARC form-factor module based on the Renesas RZ/G2-family.  These products target civil infrastructure applications and offer industry-leading longevity of up to 18+ years: for these extremely demanding products, Western Digital iNAND was again selected as an exclusive partner.

The close relationship between Western Digital and Theobroma Systems enables a rapid design-in of newer-generation devices and an improved customer-support based on the intimate familiarity of Theobroma Systems’ engineering team with the advanced features of the Western Digital’s iNAND family.

About Western Digital

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About Theobroma Systems

Theobroma Systems designs and produces embedded systems that support various industrial applications, for IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions. Our products are backed by solid expertise of Hardware and Software capabilities, supporting projects that require vision and compute skills, high IT security for government-grade vulnerability and risk assessment.

To top up the quality of our products, we offer in-house manufacturing and end-of-line testing, fully controlled by our team, based in Vienna. We offer our customers the carefree option to build in their dream products based on our existing validated modules.