Haikou Q7 Dev Kit

Add-Ons for your Development Kit: ↓ WiFi Module ↓ Display Add-On

Gopher WiFi Module

Add WiFi connectivity to your Development Kit. Connected through the MicroSD slot, integration is seamless.

The Gopher WiFi Module is based on the high-performance Broadcom BCM43455 WiFi transceiver, now also known as CYW43455. The transceiver datasheet is available publicly. The module features state-of-the art WiFi connectivity:

  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual band radio
  • IEEE 802.11ac mode support
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n mode support

Using the Gopher WiFi Module with the RK3399-Q7 development kit is supported by Application Note AN60301, available for download below.

DSI Display Add-On

The DSI Display Add-On adds a brilliant multitouch display to your RK3399-Q7 Devkit.

The display add-on features:

  • 800 x 1200 pixels (portrait format)
  • IPS panel with wide viewing angle
  • MIPI-DSI display interface running at 60fps
  • 10-point multitouch controller attached via I2C
  • LED backlight, optionally controlled through PWN

Application note AN60302, available for download below, documents the mechanical mounting and software configuration to quickly build a working setup.

Application Notes

File TypeSize
AN60302 DSI Display pdf1,102.66 KB
AN60301 Gopher WiFi Module pdf635.43 KB