VIENNA, Austria

Theobroma Systems partners with Zarja Elektronika
to bring security and safety solutions to a high-tech level


In our rapidly developing technological world, the demand for better performing and more efficient solutions has already become a way of living. With the fast transformation of Industry 4.0 and IoT trends, our world is experiencing a swift shift in the way we view efficiency in our daily work and personal lives.

With every advancement, we are in the lookout for faster and highly performant solutions, with higher accuracy and precision, highly reliable, and very secure. While we can successfully satisfy most of the fast-shifting demand, some of the areas remain critical in terms of the required innovation. And one of the most efficient ways to solve these challenges is through cooperation.

Cooperation Agreement - Zarja Elektronika and Theobroma Systems

In the photo from left to right: Philipp Tomsich (Theobroma Systems), Thomas Tomsich (Zarja Elektronika), Matej Slapar (Mayor of Kamnik, Slovenia)


Zarja Elektronika and Theobroma Systems – technology cooperation agreement

Zarja Elektronika, d.o.o is a dynamic Slovenian company, that develops and builds safety and alarm systems against fire, intrusions, burglaries, gas leakages, liquid leakages, and other emergencies. The company was established in 1969 and has extensive expertise in technical security technology, working closely with customers to provide security solutions for homes, businesses, and facilities.

Theobroma Systems is an Austrian high-tech company, offering professional services and products for the embedded systems industry. The company helps customers bring smart products to the market by designing, supporting, and manufacturing state-of-the-art embedded standard modules and customer-specific boards. Theobroma Systems’ expertise translates into intelligent devices for the IoT market, Industry 4.0, and other bleeding-edge technologies.

Both companies, although different in the type of technology they build, have agreed to cooperate to further the technological advancement in the security and safety market. As part of the agreement, the highlights of the cooperation are:

  • R&D activities for new products
  • share market intelligence of specific application domains
  • joint sourcing activities for electronic components

In the photo from left to right: Thomas Tomsich (Zarja Elektronika) and Philipp Tomsich (Theobroma Systems) Signing of the cooperation agreement



In the embedded industry, we aim to continually disrupt existing technologies and bring new high-performance solutions into the market. We analyze the world around us, look at the markets, observe trends, and make conscious decisions on addressing challenges and providing more efficiency to our customers. However, in many cases, more than the ambition and the vision to develop new products, it is the experience, the market intelligence, and the know-how that counts.


Zarja Elektronika brings to this cooperation rich expertise in the safety systems market. However, due to the nature of the market the company operates in, one of the biggest challenges faced is access to better component pricing due to low volume applications. On the other hand, Theobroma Systems’ products generate high volume component demand, which contributes to establishing a solid relationship with Asian suppliers and, therefore, command optimized sourcing pricing.

Zarja Elektronika safety and surveillance systems

Theobroma Systems capabilities and technology

However, despite the advanced embedded technology proficiency, Theobroma Systems trusts Zarja’s expertise on safety and alarm systems for better access to the market. In return, Theobroma Systems will support Zarja with core capabilities such as secure communication, computer vision, wireless, and connectivity solutions to introduce new technologies and bring better, faster, and highly secure products into the market.


Technology nowadays is not a luxury anymore but rather a necessity. Our lives are interconnected, information is interconnected, our homes, cities, and surroundings are interconnected. We aim to make technology easy to understand and use, cheaper to access, secure and sustainable.

Theobroma Systems and Zarja Elektronika aim to develop this cooperation into a long-term strategic partnership to enable each other to create and sustain continuous innovation. At the same time, both companies will support each other by sharing market intelligence to expand and introduce secure technology into more demanding markets.

Zarja Elektronika