About Us

Theobroma Systems is a designer and producer of intelligent devices incorporating embedded systems for IoE, Industry 4.0, and other bleeding-edge applications.

Based in Vienna, we provide cutting-edge System-on-Modules, Communication Modules, Wi-Fi modules, DevKit and Single Board Computers. Our portfolio of products is backed by an expert range of hardware and software engineering services, including in-house manufacturing and end-of-line testing. We offer thus our customers the carefree option to build their dream products based on our existing validated modules.

With exceptional expertise and nimble knowledge of the ever-evolving tech space, the company has expanded to meet growing market needs and risen to become one of Austria’s most awarded innovators.

Our innovations over the years have broadened our clientele base. We provide expertise and services globally and are a trusted partner to leading semiconductor vendors and global distributors.

Learn about our remarkable growth here.

Business Model

From concept to mass production, providing solutions in today’s saturated tech markets can incur additional costs and increase the complexity, unpredictability, and Time-to-Market if project phases are handled by multiple suppliers.

Your ideal solution is the All-Inclusive package handling every aspect of your project.

Theobroma Systems is your one-stop-shop for Turnkey and Pure-play engineering services. Our objective is to help you go to market faster and with less risk while having full control over your project timeline, cost, and end results with expert support.

Skill & Expertise

Theobroma Systems’ Solutions combines rich experience as an embedded designer, solid knowledge of the market, and skilful engineering services to provide cutting-edge solutions for every demand in the industry.

We focus on developing networked embedded systems, information security systems, and trusted IT systems.

Our expertise covers custom hardware development, embedded security, compiler and performance engineering, development and support of board support packages (BSP) for Linux, Android, and FreeRTOS.


  • Carefree turnkey service: we take over entire projects — from idea to packaging & delivery — helping you free up critical resources to focus on advancing your industry leadership.
  • Custom design service: Suitable for clients who need support for the R&D phase of a project, software services, or a ready-built product to integrate into their devices.
  • Standard modules supporting industrial applications: Plug & Play solutions. Explore our cutting-edge SoMs and other Modules here

Turnkey Project



A new solution is proposed to meet a specific need of an identified market. The ideal solution focuses on scalability, long-term maintainability, and predicted technological trends.

Architecture & Design

A team of engineers listen to your requirements and use the information to derive the optimal system-level design and methodical structure required to create the product.

Research & Development

R&D allows designers to provide performance-optimized and high-assurance embedded systems by adjusting design variables. Our robust R&D solution encompasses software, firmware and hardware development.


Compliance engineering processes reduce risks and delays in introducing new products by obtaining required certifications and ensuring full compliance with regulatory provisions.



Industrialization allows for lower operating costs and optimal production yields. Theobroma’s seamless integration of R&D and in-house manufacturing provides timely and critical feedback on manufacturability, testability, and other key process metrics.

Mass Production

Highly-repeatable and predictable processes are employed to ensure quality and volume control. Our in-house manufacturing ensures full quality control, traceability, and insight into the purchasing process for cost control and price optimization.

Casing & Packaging

Product finalization combines purchasing, packaging operations, and logistics to deliver the final product to the costumer.


Ongoing Engineering-level support for new products includes maintenance, security mitigation, and active redesign for cost or longevity as per client’s needs and approval.




Standard Modular products

Customization of the standard products

Custom Turnkey Designs

Software and Consulting Services

Manufacturing capabilities

Today the company has a large customer base supporting different projects for applications like Digital Signage, eHealth technology, Smart Homes, Professional Audio Systems, Machine Vision, Robotics, etc.


Our entire team is solely based in Vienna, Austria and the full operation of our services happens only from our offices.


If you have an idea, a vision and need help to turn it into a successful reality, please Contact Us!



Introducing our own in-house Manufacturing line

Design, Validation, Prototype Assembly, Testing, Mass-Production, Ongoing Support

“One-stop-shop” all “Made in Austria”

Company started attracting and bringing investors on board

In the past years, the company has seen continuous cycles of growth, innovation and sophistication of the service package. The current business model supports all cycles of a Turnkey Project.

Gaining strong exposure and reputation in the market, brought the company to a different league of players in terms of operating services. We currently have a full team of experienced people that combine Hardware and Software expertise to deliver a full Turnkey Product, by supporting the customer throughout the entire journey.

Besides the exceptional set of skills, the team brings together long years of loyalty and know-how, which adds to the quality of products and services.

At this point, the company owned all the necessary knowledge and skillset to transform a customer vision into a real and successful project. The last missing part of the puzzle was the assembly line, a service outsourced to third parties. Outsourcing the service came with inconveniences that we could not control, hence spoiling the effort of our work at the end delivery.

In-House Manufacturing

Therefore, since October 2018, we brought in-house our own manufacturing line to fully control the entire process from design to mass-production and delivery, as well as offer long-term and sustainable solutions to all our customers.


The company has attracted the interest of investors and has already benefited of investment funds.

The growth projections continue going upward.



NG Q7 modules: RK3399-Q7 and RK3368-µQ7

With the previous year being a success with the introduction of the standard modular products, Theobroma Systems evaluated and chose Rockchip as one of the best SoC vendors.


Rockchip (Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co. Ltd.) has high quality products in the consumer electronics market, with a large range of chipsets from lowest to highest end, and a rapid innovation cycle delivering a major leap for every new model year.


Throughout the years, Theobroma Systems has built a solid customer base, who trust the company for the high-quality services and high-quality approach of every single project delivered. Accordingly, we must make sure that we only strive for the best and deliver products that resonate with our name and the quality of our services.

Using expertise and knowledge to evaluate the best next partner to help us build a product of quality, we chose Rockchip to help us bring the rapid innovation cycles of mobile to a wider market.

Flagship RK3399-Q7 Module

The RK3399-Q7 is the world’s first Qseven module featuring the high-performance ARM Cortex-A72 cores. Combining the computational performance of the Cortex-A72/A53 clusters with PCI-Express and two independent MIPI-CSI interfaces unlocks varied visual computing, image analytics and automation applications.


High-Density RK3368-uQ7 Module

The RK3368-uQ7 will be the world’s first octa-core ARM module, unlocking a new level of compute performance, in the highly compact 40mm x 70mm form-factor.



Market launch of the A64-µQ7 system-on-module

Announcing cooperation with Rockchip

Theobroma Systems continues building System-on-Modules based on Allwinner chipset to grow the portfolio of modular products.


After a successful introduction of the A31-µQ7 module released in 2015, Theobroma Systems continued to diversify the modular product portfolio based on the Allwinner chipset by bringing out the A64-µQ7 System-on-Module.


The A64-µQ7 features four 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 cores and provides an easy upgrade path to the 64-bit world.


In the same year, Theobroma Systems announces plans to design and build compute modules based on Rockchip SoCs. The new Roadmap brought out our existing Rockchip based modules, starring RK3399-Q7 SoM.


Rockchip is a leading semiconductor company that produces high-end system-on-chip designs.


HeliX2-COMExpress and A31-µQ7 MODULE

First public showing of the HeliX2-COMExpress module

Launch of A31-µQ7 SoM

High Security Common Criteria Project

With a determined vision and goal to support the market and our customers with modular products, along the Software Support services, Theobroma Systems introduced the world’s first ARMv8-based COMExpress module featuring 10GE.


The HeliX2-COMExpress was measuring just 95x95mm and was first publicly shown at ARM TechCon in Santa Clara.


The next modular hit was the A31-µQ7 SoM.


The A31-µQ7 system-on-module is launched to critical acclaim from the trade press. It features a quad-core Cortex-A7 from Allwinner Technologies, which runs at up to 1.2GHz. It is both the first SoM with a standard, vendor-independent form-factor that uses an Allwinner CPU and the first SoM to include a “Common Criteria”-certified secure element.


The A31-µQ7 is backed by a roadmap of modules, featuring both 32bit and 64bit ARM processors, in the Qseven and COMExpress form-factors.



Industry-recognition for our work on ARMv8 compilers

Nominated and shortlisted for “CONSTANTINUS” Awards

Nominated and shortlisted for “US-A-Biz” Awards

Modular Products are our Future

In 2014, Theobroma Systems receives coveted nominations and is listed as a Finalist in both US-A-Biz and the CONSTANTINUS Awards.
The company was nominated for the continuous work on optimizing open-source compilers and libraries for AppliedMicro’s XGene family of ARMv8 processors.

As a result of all the work and projects delivered, we realized that the number of embedded design projects that could benefit from our enablement far outstrips our reach. Hence, we decide to bundle some of our know-how into products that can form the “building blocks” of successful embedded designs.

We decided that the only way forward for us were the modular products.

The team invested an intensive effort to develop modular platforms for computing, visualization and embedded communication (adding via RF and nPLC to our Gigabit-Ethernet capabilities) begins.

From the start, we focus on the integration of secure elements and full-stack software solutions.



Smart Energy Gateway SEG15x volume shipments supported

“Energy Globe” Award for the SEG innovation

A second round of the e-Health technologies following KocoBox 2008/1

Weasel – Internal Product name - is introduced

Counting awards for all consecutive successes, the company brings products to the market that support Smart Energy applications and Security System solutions.

The bits and pieces of the previous R&D innovations were combined into developing our Smart-Energy Gateway (SEG15x) product which emerged into the market in volume shipments.

Our smart-energy gateway (SEG15x) ramped up to mass-production and the first major customer is to use it as a foundation for their smart-home appliance, becomes is Eaton.

The Company is nominated and Awarded by the “Energy Globe” Award for the Smart-Energy Gateway (Vienna Region) for its capabilities and its potential to make energy usage more transparent.

Making e-Health communications more secure.

In the same year, we developed a secure VPN appliance for the German e-Health system. Based on a Freescale i.MX6Q, it integrates six gigabit Ethernet ports in a compact form factor.

Theobroma Systems supported the projects with both Hardware as well as Software (Linux Board Support Package) services.



“Mercur 2012” Award

Smart-home Systems trend the market

The Company is recognized and awarded as one of the most innovative Austrian companies, acclaimed for its fast growth and fast responsiveness and adaptation to the market needs.

In 2012, Theobroma Systems is nominated and awarded with the “Mercur 2012” Prize for continuing to innovate and create sustainable solutions for the European Market.

Our Smart Energy & Smart Home solutions entered field-testing with our first customers in Central Europe. The focus of our R&D remains on the development of solutions for security and reliable interconnectivity for the ambient intelligence, smart buildings and ambient assisted living.



Winner of the ``Vienna Future” Award - Wiener Zukunftspreis

More R&D initiatives on Linux and Android OS solutions

Developing further challenging projects

After building up experience and trust in the market, we celebrated 5 successful years of growth by winning the Wiener Zukunftspreis Award for the “Smart Grid for Consumers” Innovation.


Our ongoing R&D investment in OS platforms for portable devices brings on board as a customer one of the biggest European defense companies.


The project involved contracting Theobroma Systems to provide Android porting and development of a Hybrid operating system combining the best of embedded Linux with Android’s user-interface development framework.



R&D and First Smart Grid Systems products

ZIT IKT Call Award-winning

Entering Home Energy and Home automation markets

In 2010, the company wins ZIT IKT Call 2010 Prize, winning the “Best Grant Proposal” for its designs, to develop the supporting technology for the Home Energy and Home Automation market.


This step expanded the business activities to a different market level, establishing Theobroma Systems’ skills and expertise as one of the European technology supporters.


Design wins include card readers for access control based on our “Gecko” reference-platform for low-cost card readers.



Growing Partnerships

Reengineering of previously unsuccessful projects

Expanding market reach

Theobroma Systems Design and Consulting GmbH develops a i.MX51 reference design for space-constrained and markets it in cooperation with Arrow Electronics.


Theobroma Systems and Arrow Electronic cooperate to develop an i.MX51 reference design as a common project to promote each other and also expand into markets where Arrow Electronics had access to but did not have the right products. While Theobroma Systems had the skills to bring up products but had limited exposure to the embedded market.


At the same time, Theobroma Systems was approached for its services for a European national ID project. The customer requested Theobroma Systems to re-engineer the project from a previous contractor, which had led to an unsuccessful outcome, and bring it to market within a short timespan to meet the initial roadmap.


The entire board support for an i.MX51 in a European national ID project was created by our engineering team with a focus on secure boot and isolation of resources in the running system.


Theobroma Systems demonstrates its FreeRTOS port to the Analog Devices Blackfin SoC family and announces support for FreeRTOS on Blackfin in conjunction with Arrow Electronics Central Europe.



Combining Hardware and Software services

Becoming a trusted vendor and partner of renown brands

As part of the growth path, the company started scaling out with bigger projects, requiring a combination of Software and Hardware services.


In 2008, Theobroma Systems continued to scale up and diversify the portfolio of services offered. Once the company delivered a few successful Software projects to companies operating in booming industries, customer demands started pouring in for the company to prove its expertise in Hardware engineering.


The combination of both services highlighted the presence of the company in the European market attracting distribution and sales partners as well as well-known vendors for cooperation.


The next jump for the company was scored by the next big project in the e-Health market.


The project won the company a design contract for a high-assurance application supporting e-Health technologies marks the first mass products of our secure module concept and the first generation of our secure function controller.



Introduction of the Lattice Mico32 uCLinux

Development and introduction of the KoCo-Box product supporting German e-Health telematics platform

Following a successful penetration into the embedded software services market, the company was challenged to expand its focus in integrating Hardware capability as part of the existing services.


The Lattice Mico32 uCLinux port marks the first step to our growing portfolio of design alliances and is our first professional services project for a major semiconductor vendor.


The success of the delivered services led the company to bigger projects such as the German e-Health telematic platform, where the KoCo-Box product was introduced.


We developed an integrated software and hardware architecture for this high-assurance application in embedded application domains. This consisted of a secure function controller providing active countermeasures and a secure hypervisor, providing a secure platform to run customer code.



Of JavaVM (CacaoVM), open source Java runtime

Licensed from the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) and commercialized by Theobroma Systems

Expanded into Linux BSP services for customer applications

Theobroma Systems Ltd. is founded to market and support embedded Java runtimes, compiler engineering services and embedded runtime solutions to customers worldwide.


Started out of passion for developing and bringing applications to embedded devices, Theobroma Systems was initially only offering services to support customers transfer their desktop-developed applications to embedded devices.


The expertise was translated into successful products like CacaoVM which was initially license of Vienna University of Technology, industrialized and commercialized by Theobroma Systems to renown companies operating in the consumer electronics market. still exists as an open-source application.


As customer and market demand evolved into more advanced needs, the services of the company expanded into Linux Board Support Packages and embedded software runtime systems.